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Traditional Thangka Brocades

Traditional Thangka Brocades - The Thangka

We offer a selection of beautiful traditional silk brocades for our thangka paintings and mandalas with different patterns and colorful decors. 

There are two main types of brocades styles: Indian style brocades, also known as Banarasi brocades, and Chinese style brocades.

After you make an order and choose a brocade, we deliver the thangka to a local tailor who skilfully attach the traditional brocade and the thangka together. We then ship the thangka with the framing to you. 

Below you can see examples of the different styles of brocades you can choose from:


Chinese Style Traditional Brocades


Chinese Style 1 

Chinese Style 1

Chinese Style 1

Chinese Style 2

Chinese Style 2

Chinese Style 3
Chinese Style 3

Chinese Style 4
Chinese Style 4

Chinese Style 5



Indian Style Traditional Banarasi Brocades

Indian Style (Banarasi) 1 
Indian Style (Banarasi) 1

Indian Style (Banarasi) 2
Indian Style (Banarasi) 2

Indian Style (Banarasi) 3
Indian Style (Banarasi) 3

Indian Style (Banarasi) 4
Indian Style (Banarasi) 4

Indian Style (Banarasi) 5
Indian Style (Banarasi) 5

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