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Je Tsongkapa Thangka Painting 70*50

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This beautiful hand painted Tibetan thangka depicts Je Tsongkhapa རྗེ་ཙོང་ཁ་པ་བློ་བཟང་གྲགས་པ, the founder of the Gelugpa School. Below him are his two main disciples, Gyaltsab on the left and Khedrup on the right. Je Tsongkhapa wears a yellow pandita hat and the orange robes of a fully ordained monk. He performs with both hands the gesture of Dharma teaching. At the center top of the painting is Buddha Shakyamuni. Around the main image are the different forms of Je Tsongkhapa, which are 5 in total. At the top right corner he is seated on a throne supported by Gods & Goddesses. In the top left he is the form of a monk riding an elephant. At the bottom right he appears as Manjushri riding a lion and at the bottom right is Je Tsongkhapa in the form of a Mahasiddha riding a lion. These Five Forms of Je Tsongkhapa are based on the visions of his disciple Kedrub Geleg Pal Zangpo after the death of his teacher.

The thangka is painted entirely by hand on cotton canvas using natural mineral and vegetable pigments with 24K gold details. The complicated designs, intricate brushstrokes, and extraordinary detail make these thangkas authentic works of Buddhist art. A true masterpiece, this traditional Buddhist painting is the perfect addition to your home, meditation space, room shrine or altar space.

Handcrafted by master local artists in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal.

Size: Full canvas measures approximately 78*88 centimeters.  Inside painted area measures about 70*50 centimeters.

The Stupa

Ц ཙོང་ ཁ་ པ་ བློ་ གྲགས་ གྲགས་ པ །

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