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金刚王瓦唐卡画60 * 45

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金刚王瓦唐卡画60 * 45

这张精美的手绘西藏唐卡画描绘了金刚瓦拉希(Vajravarahi),在藏语中也被称为多杰·帕克莫(Dorje Pakmo)。金刚瑜伽象征着达基尼人一切发源的根源。

使用天然矿物和植物颜料将唐卡完全手工涂在棉帆布上,并带有24K金细节。复杂的设计,复杂的笔触和非凡的细节使这些唐卡佛教艺术作品成为真正的作品。 这是一幅真正的杰作,这幅传统佛教绘画是对您的房屋,冥想空间,神殿或祭坛空间的完美补充。


尺寸: 全画布尺寸约为70x50厘米。内部喷漆区域的尺寸约为60x45厘米。 

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Dakinis Thangkas

⚠  In Vajrayana Buddhist tradition there are restrictions concerning tantra practice. Please seek advice from your teacher before purchase.

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Traditional. Precious. Masterpiece.

We aspire to create sublime artworks. Each painting is meticulously painted by a local artist in a process that takes many days up to many months. We use traditional methods, tools and paints to produce beautiful Buddhist art that shows our deep reverence to the Dharma.

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We offer a selection of beautiful traditional silk brocades for our thangka paintings and mandalas with different patterns and colorful decors. 

There are two main types of brocades styles: Indian style brocades, also known as Banarasi brocades, and Chinese style brocades.

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Vajravarahi རྡོ་རྗེ་ཕག་མོ།

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